Frequently Asked Questions

What is the key message or phrase to describe your business in one sentence?

"Our System is Your Solution."

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What is your product or service?

1. Dealership Sales.

2. Chemical restoration of the exteriors of buildings, structures, pavement and homes.

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Can you list three unique benefits of your product?

1. No damage to surfaces because our "System" does not require
pressure to apply or rinse our solution.

2. It destroys biological growth and removes pollutants.

3. The "System" is very fast, thereby saving the customer
inconvenience, downtime and money.

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What is the product application?

A proprietary chemical solution applied by using a specialized,
patented, low-volume, low-pressure, pump designed to apply
solution gently to any surface. Our special equipment (pump, tank and hoses) allows our chemistry to be applied at distances of up to four hundred (400) feet from the unit.

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What led you to develop your product?

We saw a need for a service to safely and effectively clean and restore the exteriors of buildings and structures without damage to surfaces.

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List the top three objections to buying your product/service immediately?

1. The client may not know that this option existed therefore
requiring justifying the expenditure.

2. The client may not have money budgeted for our service.

3. The client may not see the need for our service or care how
their building looks.

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Who is your target audience?

Owners and managers of buildings, structures and homes that have biological growth and pollutants.

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Who is your competition?

There is no competition unless power washing is considered.

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How is your product differentiated from that of your competition?

Our "System" uses a patented, low-volume, low-pressure pump that allows us to apply our proprietary chemical additive that is more effective in destroying and removing growth and pollutants.

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What is the pricing of your product/service versus your competition?

1. We have virtually no competition.

2. Our "System" is very fast and efficient therefore we are able to
save the customer time and money.

3. Our chemical is very cost effective.

4. Our safe "System" makes us the most desirable option.

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What plans do you have for advertising & promotions?

1. Custom Web Site.

2. C D Presentation.

3. Color brochure targeted to potential clients.
4. Radio / Cable / Newspaper

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How do I get involved?

Call ReNEW SOLUTIONS, Inc. (251-639-2599)
or email ReNEW Solutions.

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