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Until now, pressure washing has basically been the only method of cleaning the exterior of buildings. With this method, there have been significant complaints about the damage to buildings as a result of the pressure. ReNew Solutions, Inc. has created an environmentally safe and effective cleaning method designed to restore the exteriors of buildings to their original appearance. The process destroys biological growth and removes pollutants from the surface. The system is very fast, thereby saving the customer inconvenience, downtime and money. This method uses low pressure and is considered a soft wash system. The success of ReNew Solutions, Inc. has been made possible by the creation and development of its secret formula, ReNEW 754 Concentrate. ReNew 754 Concentrate is the proprietary chemical of ReNew Solutions, Inc. This product is responsible for the remarkable restoration of building exteriors.

The concept of ReNew Solutions, Inc. is to provide two distinct business categories. The first is to develop and market the building restoration process in the local market of Mobile, Alabama where the corporate office is located. The development of new and improved cleaning techniques is imperative to the growth and advancement of the company and to keep its edge in the marketplace as the leader in this new and innovative business. We are also working to update and improve our chemicals and additives to enhance the quality of the jobs that are currently underway and to pass these improvements and enhancements to the Individual Dealerships.

The second category is to develop and market our concept nationally and internationally as a business opportunity program. Our goal is to establish Individual Dealerships in key cities or territories in the United States and other countries. The goal is to market our building restoration services to companies for the cleaning of their facilities. The business opportunity program will be the largest area of growth for our company with expectations of two hundred new Individual Dealerships in the next three years.

Target Audience Customers

A ReNew Solutions, Inc customer is anyone that has a building or structure in need of cleaning. Our system can effectively clean an entire building with less hassle than any other method in use today. As far as size of buildings to clean, one is limited only by his/her own imagination. We can clean any height building and restore it to its original appearance. NEW in 2004 is the launching of small commercial and residential dealerships.

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The Company History

ReNEW Solutions, Inc. was incorporated in June of 1998 through the vision of Larry Wiggins. The company was created to provide an environmentally safe and effective cleaning system for the exterior of buildings. With years of experience and expertise, Larry was able to establish this innovative concept.

Larry's extensive knowledge of chemicals and equipment (and their uses in cleaning) came from his experience while the owner of a large cleaning service. His company provided services to governmental agencies such as the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Army and other organizations. This company employed more than four hundred workers.

While drawing on his background and vision, Larry was able to locate components and designed the equipment used in the ReNEW Solutions cleaning process. In addition to the equipment design, Larry developed ReNEW 754 Concentrate, the chemical responsible for the remarkable restoration of building exteriors.

Seeing the dramatic effects of this innovative cleaning system and recognizing the potential market for this service, Larry was able to establish a business opportunity for individual ownership in the ReNEW Solutions concept. Therefore, the idea "Individual Dealerships" was born. An individual interested in this concept is provided the opportunity to purchase a Dealership. This dealership will have exclusive territory rights and will benefit from the experience and knowledge of the company.

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Technical Bulletin

ReNEW 754 Concentrate Description

ReNEW 754 Concentrate was designed to safely remove biological growths, mildew, algae, lichen, stains, and pollutants from buildings, sidewalks, driveways, fences, and most other structures.

As biological growth grows, it not only affects the appearance of a structure, it's roots penetrate deep into the pores causing cracks and fractures as they grow. If left unchecked, these growths can cause structural damage that may weaken and shorten the life of a structure. Soft structures such as stucco and plaster are especially vulnerable, but the growth also affects masonry, brick, limestone, and concrete. It may also cause health problems.

Conventional cleaning with some acids and high-pressure water can further damage these already weakened structures, and may leave growth for reoccurrence.

ReNEW 754 Concentrate uses a unique blend of balanced, compatible ingredients thereby allowing maximum results to be obtained on each surface to which it is applied.

The ReNEW 754 system uses a revolutionary "Soft Wash" method, which doesn't employ harsh acids or high-pressure water. The ReNEW 754 system uses safe and effective chemicals, which are applied by low-pressure spray followed by low-pressure water rinse, which flushes away mildew, soils, dirt, and grime and restores the original appearance.


Spray the ReNEW 754 solution onto the area to be cleaned and allow to soak for a few minutes to penetrate and loosen mildew, soils, pollutants, and grime. Do not allow it to dry. Rinse with water to flush away mildew, soils, pollutants, and grime. (If allowed to dry, reactivate by applying water).
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